Missionaires We Support ~ As a church, we currently support 30 missionaries around ~ the world on 5 continents: 2 of which we send directly from our church. The Abrams Family (Hong Kong, China) The Ashley Family (Puerto Rico, USA) Bible & Literature Missionary Foundation (Shelbvyille, Tn) The Deason Family (Selfridge, ND, USA) (Indian Reservation) The Dewitt Family (Burma) The Homan Family (Rome, Italy) Bro. Tom Keller (Mongolia) The Martin Family Rexburg, Idaho, USA The Masters Family (North Africa) The McGeorge Family (Nauru) The Moore Family The Mullins Family (Chile, South America) The Nichols Family (Brazil, South America) The Palmer Family The Pranger Family (Siberia, Russia) The Ricker Family (Deaf) (Peru, South America) The Sawyer Family (Tok, Alaska, USA) The Smith Family (Argentina, South America) The Sutton Family (IBJM) (Sydney, Australia) The Tabugan Family (Philippines) The Teel Family (US Military - Germany) The Tulabot Family (Philippines) The Yoo Family (South Korea) The Roach Family (USA) The Owolabi Family (Nigeria) The Miyashitas (Japan) The Kreh Family (Netherlands)